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I work primarily in acrylics and collage.I use collage and beewax in my assemblage works and am now completing several shrines using found objects. I have been experimenting with encaustic collage and have found the medium very challenging. The paint is a combination of melted beeswax and pigment. A small amount of damar resin is added for hardness. I mix these paints myself and while painting all custom colors are mixed directly on a hot palette.
I will share my progress with this exciting medium with photos of work in progress and finished pieces.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Monoprinting with Wax

 Encaustic Monotypes, Laminated Photographic Transparencies, Hardware, on Cradled Panels • 16 pieces each 8”x8”x1.5

Sherrie Posternak has combined many interesting processes to create this quilt-like work. The background for these small tiles is a collection of encaustic monoprints. Colored wax pigments are applied directly to the heated palette and paper is gently placed on top of this. When the paper is lifted the result is a single print known as a monoprint. She has added to the surface with photo transparencies.

In-Line for the B Line
 Encaustic, Printed Silk, Phototransfer, Pigment Stick on Cradled Panel • 10.5"x13.5"x2"

The insects are image transfers. They can be applied directly to the wax surface or printed on fabric and collaged on. I love all the subtle detail in this piece and the muted quality of the background compared with the boldness of the insects. This work is also by Sherrie Posternak. To view her website use this link:

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  1. thanks for showcasing different encaustic artists and different techniques with wax- I took a monoprint encaustic workshop and we did our monoprints completely different- but putting thin layers of wax directly on the plexiglass.. putting the inks on top of the wax and running it through the press-- amazing how many different ways to work with wax!