Mixed Media Artist

I work primarily in acrylics and collage.I use collage and beewax in my assemblage works and am now completing several shrines using found objects. I have been experimenting with encaustic collage and have found the medium very challenging. The paint is a combination of melted beeswax and pigment. A small amount of damar resin is added for hardness. I mix these paints myself and while painting all custom colors are mixed directly on a hot palette.
I will share my progress with this exciting medium with photos of work in progress and finished pieces.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Playing Around

 These are stems from Beech Mushrooms I used as a stamp to make a print. Never a dull moment at our house, I do get inspiration from the strangest places, and my hubby just goes along with me. 

Mushroom Stem with acrylic paint

Stem print made with a Beech Mushroom stem in sepia ink

Teabag from my herb tea

Pomegranate Pizazz

We had a beautiful bunch a fresh beets and decided to roast them for dinner. The liquid from them was the most incredible color and I couldn't throw it out. So I grabbed a piece of paper and dyed it with the juice. The shibori piece was created by wrapping the paper around a paint stirrer and scrunching it down and holding it with a rubber band. I don't know how colorfast it will be, but I love the way it came out.

Shibori with Beet Juice

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