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I work primarily in acrylics and collage.I use collage and beewax in my assemblage works and am now completing several shrines using found objects. I have been experimenting with encaustic collage and have found the medium very challenging. The paint is a combination of melted beeswax and pigment. A small amount of damar resin is added for hardness. I mix these paints myself and while painting all custom colors are mixed directly on a hot palette.
I will share my progress with this exciting medium with photos of work in progress and finished pieces.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Field Trip with Mama

This is what is so special about living here  in the Smoky Mountains. Today I casually glanced out my sunroom
window and was greeted by these charming visitors to my yard.  I have been experimenting with taking photos of my artwork with my new camera so it was handy. I grabbed it and pulled out the zoom and here is what I got. I know I usually put up artwork but isn't this a marvelous change. They are licking what is left of last winters salt lick, and basically it it just the leftover residue that has crystalized on the stump. We put one out every year at the beginning of winter. There are several types available and the one we like best is a natural salt rock and contains all the minerals.
At first I didn't see the second fawn, his spots act as such a great disguise. I have watched before and the little ones are so full of mischief they run circles around poor mama. It is quite comical to watch, you can just hear her saying,"Settle down and leave me alone or we'll have Time Out"

After about 15 minutes they had their fill and quietly left. I love this photo of them through the trees.
I wish I could have gotten closer but if I had made the slightest move they would have ran, they are very skittish and can even see me if I am in the house and move.

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  1. Wow! Fantastic pictures! :) How cute are those spots!! Love you, Mom!